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Art of Animation Kids Session

June 8, 2021

I can not say enough about Disney’s Art of Animation resort, it is the more perfect location for Disney family sessions at Walt Disney World. The theming is so much fun and you can totally immerse yourself into the magic. It is always so much fun for the littles to explore, which is exactly what we did for this brother and sister duo.

We started our session in Radiator Springs and our first stop on our road trip was to see Doc. From there we made the walk down the road to visit other car characters from Disney’s animation film, Cars. Our trip down Route 66 included visits with Tow Mater, Sheriff, Sarge, Filmore and Lightning McQueen himself. This guy knew who he wanted to visit with and what photos he wanted.

Documenting kids as they explore and have fun makes for the best Disney memories. Once we made our way around Radiator Springs, his little sister wanted to head over to the Little Mermaid section of this resort. So we took the 5 minute walk across the resort to go see Ariel and her friends.

Little boy leaning on car at Art of Animation in Cars Section
Boy leaning against Doc at Art of Animation
happy boy making silling faces while sitting on road in Radiator Springs
boy sitting on road smiling at camera
young boy sitting on Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs
boy sitting on blue car in radiator springs
Radiator Springs cars section at Art of Animation kid smiling under sign
young boy in glasses giving himself a hug and smiling at the camera
boy exploring the play car Tow Mater at Disney Resort
Disney's Art of Animation resort Tow Mater with boy sitting on hood
Tow Mater sign and car with boy standing under the sign
boy sitting on vintage car at Disney World
having fun in cars section with young boy in Cars section
Boy sitting on tire lift at Art of Animation
collage of images of boy infront of Cozy Cone Motel spinning sign at Disney
boy smiling in the Cars section infront of the Cozy Cone motel sign
boy playing in rocks

This little lady was such a cutie and had the best facial expressions. She enjoyed touring this resort and needed to stop with every statue to get the photos, which I loved. Her favourite though was Ariel and the fish! So we made sure to spend a fair amount of time in those sections to be sure we got everything she wanted and more.

After she had all the fun she needed in the Little Mermaid are of Art of Animation, she wanted to go see Nemo and friends. Okay, not a problem. With a short walk over to the main area of the resort, we took time to play in the splash pad at the Big Blue Pool before finishing the session at the playground that is located beside the pool.

girl smiling at camera wearing pigtails
4 year old girl having fun in the Little Mermaid section at Disney's Art of Animation
side by side image of girl at Art of Animation at Disney's resort
girl having fun at Disney's Art of Animation resort
girl being silly at Art of Animation
little girl in dress stands in front of Ariel statue
little girl acting excited in front of fish statues at Art of Animation
young girl making fish faces
young girl making silly faces at camera
big fun smiles from little girl at Art of Animation
Little girl smiling in front of Sebastian the crab statue
little girl smiling in front of King Triton statue
little girl in Lilly Pultzer smiling in front of King Triton statue
Little girl standing beside Eric statue from Little Mermaid at Art of Animation
kids making silly faces in front of Zazu statue in Lion King section at Art of Animation
boy crawling on the ground around elephant skull bones at Art of Animation in the Lion King section
kids smiling and hugging each other at water splash pad
side by side image of boy coming down tube slide
kid smiling while come down tube slide

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