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A First Birthday – Magic Kingdom Style

August 27, 2020

First birthdays are magic. The first year of a humans lift is full of wonder and hope. A newborn is already such a great source of joy but that first year encompasses so many amazing memories and milestones. It’s fitting that a first birthday celebration should be special. For Maisy, this first birthday was extra magical because her family celebrated in the Magic Kingdom.

The older you get, the less we stop celebrating life’s milestones. We get so focused on the future that we push off the celebrating until the house is organized, or the reno is finished. Or until you get the NEXT promotion before celebrating. Wait until the following year because this year is just too busy. We get so good at pushing off celebrations because its easier.

I’m not sure why it is we stop cheering ourselves on for life’s events. I think first birthdays are a great reminder that being alive and getting through another year is reason enough to throw a party and eat some cake.

Within that first year, you sit up on your own, you have your first smile, you laugh for the first time, and you may even say your first word. Everything you do is magical because there’s still a sense of awe around you as a human.

I think it’s something we should continue to have for our entire lives.

Shooting Maisy’s first birthday in Magic Kingdom was a great reminder of what a wonderful thing life is. There’s nothing like the laugh and smile of a baby to fill your heart with wonder and joy.

Look at those cheeks and tell me you feel any different.

Another reason I love shooting first birthday celebrations – aside from the joyous reminder to celebrate every single one of life’s milestones – is because I love seeing families getting together to share these moments together.

The first years with a child can be really hard. As much as a first birthday is a celebration for the baby, it’s also pretty exciting as a parent. I know for the first birthday of my firstborn, I felt so proud to have made it that far. With the lack of sleep and the challenge of becoming a mom, it was DEFINITELY something I wanted to remember.

Disney has always been a magical place for me. It feels like a full circle of life sometimes. I do engagement shoots in Disney, then I do Disney wedding photos, then newborn photos, other first birthdays and then family photos. It truly supplies a magical place for people at all phases of life.

First Birthday photos with Baloons

In fact, if any place on the planet encourages the celebration and child-like mindset and wonder of living life, it’s Disney and the Magic Kingdom. It’s like there’s something in the air that encourages you to forget societal pressure to be an “adult” and live a serious life.

The entire place encourages you to laugh out loud and to run with your friends. You can dress up and wear costumes and to live your most colourful and brilliant life.

As I finished off my day at Magic Kingdom celebrating Maisy’s first birthday with her family and parents, I remember my heart feeling so full. My cheeks also ached so much from smiling, but it was also a good feeling.

Looking back on these photos now, I am reminded of the pure joy that came from that day. I feel encouraged again to look at each day through the eyes of a one year old. For life really is a joyous journey and if we don’t enjoy it, then who will?

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