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A Birthday, A Holiday & A Good Day

December 23, 2021

This session with Lisa and her family is really special for a few reasons. We had a birthday to celebrate and the holiday season, too.

First Birthday at Disney

The first is that it was her son’s first birthday. First birthdays at Magic Kingdom are awesome. They have so many wonderful ways to help celebrate. You can get a first hair cut done at the barber, and they have cupcakes and first birthday buttons to wear. Disney does a really great job celebrating this big milestone with children and their families.

The second reason it was special was because it took place over the holidays. Main Street is totally decked out with garland and trees and nutcrackers and lights. Noone decorates like Disney. I may try some years but it’s impossible. 

The third reason that I loved this session was because it was a nice short and sweet 30 minute photo session. This family didn’t want anything huge, just some beautiful shots to celebrate the little guy and their vacation. It’s a great reminder that you don’t always need to book multiple hours to get some beautiful photos. Especially at such a young age, being in front of a camera can be tiring. But honestly, he was a champ. 

Holidays at Disney

I just love the holiday season at Disney. They really go all out with their decorations, lights and trees. Not only does it make for some lovely photos, but the lights help to keep a one year old engaged and entranced while taking photos.

We started on Main Street to really take in that decor before moving to the train station. He really started relaxing and opening up at this point which was great to see. There are some benches there too which can help when taking photos with a young child. 

holiday birthday family shoot

We went back down to Main Street to get some shots of Cinderella’s Castle. This shoot, like many that I do, was a morning shoot. I love this time of day because it’s a little quieter and – if we’re lucky – we can catch the fireworks they set up at the opening of the park each morning. This family was lucky enough to get one of those shots. 

holiday birthday photo at disney

The Hub Grass

We ended the session on the hub grass. This space is another popular spot. It’s gated off and a little quieter. During the busy season, this is usually the go-to spot for some snacks and a rest. For this shoot. It was a great way to end the session and get a few more family shots. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday, one thing or many things, or if you have 30 minutes or 4 hours, there’s definitely a way to get the photos you’re looking for. If you’re interested in some of the options I have for photo shoots, reach out and I’d love to chat. 

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