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Wedding Photographer Headshots in Disney

August 27, 2020

As a photographer, I know the value in a good headshot. You may wonder where we photographers go when we need some new headshots. The answer, really, is quite simple.

In this industry, you get to know a lot of people. We start to lean on other photographers when we ourselves need to get in front of a camera. When Sandra, a wedding photographer based in London, Ontario, asked me if I could do a headshot photoshoot for her, I was more than happy to.

Sandra and I share a love for Disney. So it was natural that we rendezvoused in Disney for some good old photography time. Her brand colours for Life Is Beautiful are blues, whites and greens so the colours worked perfectly. Plus, there really is nothing like headshots in Disney.

Some photographers will say that they hate being in front of the camera. Fortunately for me Sandra was a total natural. I’m not sure if it’s that she could already read my mind before I directed her or if she’s actually a model at heart but it was such a fun and laid back photoshoot.

Sandra’s take on life and photography is much like mine, actually. We both enjoy the candid, the “real” and the authentic side of life. We both believe in the magic of photography to capture and preserve a moment. Most importantly, we both believe in the magic of Disney. That last one was extra special for this particular photoshoot.

We had a blast chatting about our favourite Disney photo shoots, where we love to take pictures in the park and all the magical moments we have witnessed as photographers.

Actually, Sandra’s specialty is Disney Weddings so she in particular felt right at home in the park. After all the bonding we did over Disney, it was time to bring out a Photographers best friend – the camera. And maybe a wardrobe change.

I love it when people have props for their headshots and photoshoots. They really help to show off personality and connect with whatever audience is looking at the photos. The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, then a brand photo is worth ten thousand. Whatever you can do to show off who you are and connect with your potential clients or customers, the better.

It’s a weird paradox as a photographer to need headshots. When people come to our websites looking for a photographer for a wedding, family photoshoot or any other kind of lifestyle photoshoot, what they really want to see is other photos you’ve taken. It’s not that surprising for prospective clients to want to make sure that you’re skilled enough to capture their day the way they want it to be captured.

But at the same time, it’s comforting to a client to have an idea of who the photographer is, what kind of photographer they are and to get a sense of their personality. The best way to do this is obviously with some headshots. They’re so necessary, especially as a professional photographer.

Look at these headshots of Sandra below. You can clearly get an idea of her personality from these. Whether it’s her big smile, her candid laughter or the professional and confident way she holds herself, you really can tell a lot.

Maybe a picture really is worth a thousand words.

When it comes to headshots, the idea is to get as many useful photos as you can. That’s where the location and wardrobe changes come into play.

Photography is a busy business. Taking time off to stand in front of the camera isn’t something you want to be doing all the time. We tried to capitalize on our time taking headshots at Disney by having another quick wardrobe change. This would give Sandra a wide variety of photos, with different poses, to use for all kinds of purposes.

These photos were so much fun to take. Sandra was so relaxed by this point and we just had a lot of fun. It’s obvious how much of an impact this had on the outcome of the photos.

I have one piece of advice when getting headshots done – whether you’re a wedding photographer getting pictures in Disney or any other kind of professional taking photos anywhere else in the world – it would be this:

Don’t be afraid to have fun and let your personality shine through.

Not only are they the best photos anyways, but for a business that authenticity is so crucial. Being yourself is the recipe for success, always.

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