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A Magic Kingdom Engagement Shoot

August 6, 2020

I love Disney – Magic Kingdom especially. I almost love it as much as I love what I do.  So when you pair my favorite place with my favourite thing, I’m in heaven. When I did an engagement session in Magic Kingdom with this couple, it was one my favourite days.  

Brittany and her fiance were a gem to shoot. I love watching couples let loose and have fun. It makes it so much easier to capture their relationship and get those candid real-life photos that I love so much. At the end of the day, the pictures speak for themselves. 

Magic Kingdom Engagement Shoot

There was something extra special about this Magic Kingdom engagement shoot. The couple was actually planning on having a destination wedding at Disney! Engagement photos are often used for wedding invites and decorations on the day of, so having the photos taken in the same place as the wedding is extra cute.

What made this particular shoot so much fun was the mix of the classical engagement photos with the more goofy ones. (No pun intended, for the Disney fans here.) All couples love the photos of them staring into each others eyes or showing off the gorgeous ring. But the matching Disney shirts and Mickey Mouse ears are what really stole my heart. 

My one piece of advice for these shoots is to not let me – or any other photographer – dictate your session. Couples are able to relax a bit more when they come with ideas for the kind of photos they want. That’s what gets them into their groove and lets their authenticity show through.

At the end of the day, the more fun they are having, the more fun I will have.  And really, any day at the Magic Kingdom is a great time. 

I’ve done plenty of shoots at this park and am always amazed at the kinds of photos you can get. Between the rides and taking advantage of the set-type areas that are almost screaming for a photoshoot, you can’t really go wrong. 

Couple On ride at Magic Kingdom

What really makes engagement and wedding sessions at Disney so much fun are the reactions from other guests in the park. I love watching their reactions as I capture moments between my couples. Families point and smile. Little girls and boys wave at the couples as they kiss and pose and laugh.

Couple posing in Magic Kingdom
Couple kissing in Magic Kingdom, Disney.

The Magic Kingdom and Disney is all about bringing magic to life. While I may be a little biased with my career and romantic-tendencies, I don’t know what else in life is quite as magical as love. When you take the two – love and Disney – and put them together, real sparks fly. It almost outdoes the firework show at Cinderella’s Castle. Almost.  

But don’t forget about the gorgeous castle on the west coast because Disneyland is awesome too for sessions, like this one here!

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