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Disney Wedding at Walt Disney World

August 13, 2021

This Disney wedding will forever hold a special place in my heart as it was the first Disney Fairytale Wedding that I was able to photography since the global pandemic began in 2020 and closed down this magical place. I have never been so happy to be back in my happy place documenting couples in love. To tell a tale so sweet we must go back to the beginning of this couples love story.

Rachel and Ian met in freshman year of college through their mutual friend. Ben was Ian’s roommate and Rachel met Ben while playing frisbee one day on the quad and introduced them. Thank you Ben it is because of you they started dating back in 2016! With a love of computer games they bonded over a game called Borderlands. To move things along, Ian proposed to Rachel in January 2020 while they were on a trip abroad in the UK. Rachel said she didn’t know anything about the trip as Ian planned it all, even saying how amazing it was and that she may need to let Ian plan more trips for them in the future. While on the White Cliffs of Dover, Ian asked Rachel to be his bride. Fast forward to February 8, 2021, and here we are at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to celebrate their love for one another.

In true princess fashion Rachel chose the Wedding Pavilion located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for her ceremony. This beautiful venue sits beside the Seven Seas Lagoon overlooking the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Polynesian Resort and the Contemporary Resort. It is pure magic and elegance. Rachel and Ian chose to do their first look at Picture Point, which is right behind the Wedding Pavilion. This location offers a stunning view of Cinderella’s Castle in the background. A staple for a Disney Fairytale Wedding is you ask me. Their first look was fun and Ian added some comedy too it by wearing his favourite hat. He said he wears it all the time and wanted to make Rachel laugh. Soon after their first look, Rachel wanted to do another one with her Dad, and oh boy was it a good one. I simply adore the relationship and bond these two share and his reaction to seeing his daughter a bride was flawless.

The ceremony time was creeping up very quickly so Rachel, her parents and I made our way to the Grand Floridian lobby to get some photos on the iconic grand staircase before getting picked up in Cinderella’s Coach. I will never forget the moment her parents opened the double doors for her and she came walking out with excitement. I know I would have totally been freaking out if I were her. This was the perfect start to her Disney Wedding. With help from her Dad, Rachel made her way into the coach and sat beside her mom. They all waved as the coach started to roll off towards the wedding pavilion.

Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion
bride and mom walking over bridge at Disney's wedding pavilion
Picture point at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
groom waiting for bride for first look
bride walking up behind groom for first look
bride tapping groom on shoulder to turn around
bride and groom looking at each other holding hands at first look
bride opening letter from groom at Picture Point
full body image of bride and groom showing long veil
Bride and groom facing each other at Picture Point
close up photo bride and groom almost kissing
side by side images of bride at Disney's Picture Point
close up of groom looking at camera with bride in the background
bride with Disney's Grand Floridian in the background
Bride and groom smiling at Picture Point
Bride and groom walking holding hands at Picture Point
Bride smiling at Dad during first look
Bride and her Dad doing a first look at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
Dad crying with daughter during first look at Disney Wedding
Bride and Dad hugging after first look
back of brides dress with veil blowing in wind and dad smiling at her
side by side images of dad and bride
Bride fixing Dad's bowtie
dad kissing bride on cheek after first look
bride with parents walking into the Grand Floridian
Disney Bride on the staircase in the Grand Floridian
bride in wedding gown on grand staircase looking down
bride outside at the Grand Floridian waiting for carriage
collage of bride twirling in her wedding gown
bridal bouquet from Disney florals
Cinderella's coach picking up bride at the Grand Floridian Resort
parents opening door for bride to walk to Cinderella's Coach
bride stepping into Cinderella's Coach
Bride getting into Cinderella's Coach
bride and parents sitting inside Cinderella's Coach
bride and parents waving as they roll away in the Coach
Bride in Cinderella's Coach riding outfront of the Grand Floridian Resort
back side view of Cinderella Coach with bride and parents on way to the wedding pavilion
bride and parents pulling up to Disney's Wedding Pavilion
Dad helping bride out of Cinderella's Coach
Bride smiling with the monorail and Cinderella's Coach behind her
bride in the bridal suite at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
inside details of Disney wedding pavilion
Groom walking his parents in for the ceremony
groom hugging parents to be seated at ceremony
bride and Dad make entrance into Ceremony with grooms reaction
Bride hugging mom before she sits at ceremony
bride meeting groom at alter with Dad
Groom bringing bride up on alter
Bride and Groom with wedding party in Wedding Pavilion
bride smiling at groom during ceremony
bride and groom holding hands during ceremony in front of the stain glass window
bride and groom pouring sand during their sand ceremony
bride and groom grabbing rings from best man
bride and groom putting rings on each other
bride and groom make a pinky promise during the ceremony
bride and groom share first kiss during the ceremony
bride and groom smile as guests cheer for them
bride and groom exit the ceremony
groom wiping his tears away after the ceremony

Now that the ceremony is complete and these two are newlyweds, it is time to take care of some business with the wedding party and family photo part of the day. We made excellent use of our time at the wedding pavilion and did all the combinations at Picture Point. It really is just so pretty back there. Once we were finished with those, the newlyweds took a spin in Cinderella’s Coach before we enjoyed some photo time with it.

Oh but there is something else! I almost forgot. Rachel wanted to surprise Ian with a bagpiper after the ceremony, so when they came across the bridge on their way to the coach the bagpipe started up and Ian was completely shocked! Way to go Rachel!

bride and groom with parents at picture point
Bride with flower girls
bride and groom with full wedding party
bride and groom with maid of honour and best man
bride and groom walking holding hands
Bride and groom holding hands walking across bridge at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
wedding couple walking across bridge smiling at each other
close up of couple looking at each other walking holding hands
couple kissing on bridge at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
guest clapping for wedding couple with bagpipes
groom being surprised with bagpips
groom kissing bride after ceremony
guests clapping for the newlyweds
bride petting white ponies at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
Bride and groom petting white ponies in wedding attire
Bride and groom in Cinderella's Coach going for a ride after the ceremony
Bride and groom kissing in Cinderella's Coach at their Disney Wedding
couple kissing in wedding coach at Disney's Wedding Pavilion
wedding couple in front of Cinderella's Coach and Disney's Wedding Pavilion
groom twirling bride in collage with at Disney's Wedding Pavilion with Cinderella's Coach
groom on knee kissing brides hand
groom behind bride hugging her smiling at the camera
Bride smiling at camera in front of Cinderella's Coach
bride playing with wedding gown smiling at Disney Wedding
bride under veil during disney wedding smiling
bride standing in door in Cinderella's Coach
smiling bride in doorway in coach in wedding gown
groom standing in front of Cinderella's Coach at Disney Wedding
close up shot of groom details
groom on boat dock facing Disney's Polynesian Resort
groom sitting on steps at Disney's Picture Point at the Wedding Pavilion

Before we headed to The American Adventure in Epcot for their reception, we made a pit stop at Italy Isola for a pre-reception and dinner. We made sure to take advantage of the Mickey shaped food to have some fun with. Once dinner was done, Rachel and her guests went and enjoyed a ride mix in before heading to the reception.

From there, the evening included many heartfelt toasts, dancing and laughter. We made sure the make the most of every moment together.

bride and groom in Epcot at Italy Isola for Dessert Party with Mickey Pretzels
wedding couple eating Mickey pretzels at Disney Wedding in Epcot
bride and groom in funny aprons at dinner
the american adventure in Epcot for Wedding Reception
Wedding couples first dance in American Adventure in Epcot
wedding couples first dance
groom picking up bride and twirling her during first dance
cake with couple dancing in the background
skyview of couple having first dance
groom dipping bride to finish first dance
Bride and Dad having dance
father and daughter dance in Epcot
Groom and Mom having wedding dance
bride and groom listening to toasts
brides Dad giving wedding toast
Dad giving toast at daughters wedding in Epcot
Champagne toast after Dad's toast
best man giving toast at Disney wedding
maid of honour giving toast at Disney wedding
Groomsman giving funny toast at wedding
Grooms parents give toast at Disney wedding
Grooms mom giving wedding toast
Disney Wedding Cake
wedding couple cutting Disney wedding cake
couple feeding each other wedding cake
flower girl dancing
flower girl at reception
guests dancing at wedding
reception dancing at Disney Wedding in American Adventure
dancing fun at wedding reception
bride twirling in her wedding dress in Disney's American Adventure Venue
bride and groom kissing in spotlight and end of wedding reception

If you are considering a Disney Wedding I would highly recommend one as they really are executed flaswlessly by the team at Disney Fairytale Weddings. From Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to Disneyland in California, Disney couples can enjoy all their hearts can dream of for their wedding day.

Of course, this day would not have been complete without the help of many amazing wedding vendors:

Venue: Walt Disney World / Grand Floridian Resort and Spa / Epcot

Second Photographer: Ashley Auger

Hair Stylist: Holly Thompson – Family friend

Makeup Artist: Stacie Otto

Bridal Gown: Allegria Bridal

Gown Designer: Eve of Milady

Stationary: JLB Papery Invitations

Videography: Randy Chapman

Want to see their wedding video from Randy? Watch here

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